Yes. There are no exceptions to the cancellations policy. We understand that things happen in life, however other students need enough notice to reserve the class.
We do not tolerate bullying, rudeness, or abuse from one parent or child to another. The abusive parent or child will be immediately terminated from our program.
No. Our amazing insturctors work very hard and deserve time off to relax on their days and times off.
Yes. This option provides a built in sibling discount.
No. Unless a parent shows that they value the instructors time, little respect is shown and the effort to learn is lost. There are facilities available where less costly instruction is available such as the YMCA.

No, however we offer a single lesson for purchase . We also provide a small package of 5 lessons for those people who are reluctant or not sure if their child is ready to learn. We do however recommend that you start swim lessons by two years old regardless of whether it is with our school or another facility strictly for the safety of your child.

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide lessons at other people’s homes as we are very heavily booked at our own facility.
No. We require a reusable, washable baby swim diaper available at any store that sells baby gear and clothing.

If your child is very fearful we recommend private lessons to begin training until they are comfortable enough to join a class.

You will need a swim suit, towel, and dry clothes to change into. Children who are not potty trained must also wear a baby swim diaper, (a waterproof, washable, reusable diaper available at any store that sells baby gear and clothing).
Yes. Adults can schedule lessons in any available private lesson spot
We hold classes during rain storms unless there is also thunder and lightning.
Yes. It is a heated, saltwater outdoor pool at a private residence.
Yes. We like to refer to our swim school as a boutique swim school in a family friendly environment. There is plenty of space for siblings and students to play before and after their lessons without the muggy chlorine smelling atmosphere of a commercial indoor pool.
Googles are a personal preference. If your child feels more comfortable wearing googles, by all means use them.
Yes. There are both shaded and sunny areas.